Monday, 20 October 2014

First test

Did my first pregnancy test today,
Feel both sad and relieved,
Is that even possible?
I want to be
Yet I'm scared to be,
How wonderfully confusing life is!

Sunday, 5 October 2014


I'm destined to never meet you,
Our paths will never cross,
Yet you have been there
At every major junction in my life,
You have touched my very soul
Given me hope
And renewed my faith,
We have different beliefs
Different pathways but....
Every time I have been low
You have raised my spirits high,
Thank you for being there
I can now find my way home.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Reality is all around us,
It is not going to change,
Just ‘cos we want it to.
We can choose to ignore it,
But why be a victim of it?
Choose instead to let it save you.

Accept what can and can’t be done,
Otherwise you will keep banging your head against the wall,
You will keep missing the opportunities that are before you,
You will be focussed on something that is not real.

Have the courage to see the truth,
Not everything is going to go your way,
Not every person will act as they should do,
But that does not mean your world stops
Does not mean you have lost.

Have the courage to accept life as it is.
If it is meant to be it will happen,
Maybe not how you first thought,
Maybe not as quickly as you first wanted,
But in time things will fall in place.

Accept life as it is.

What do I have to accept right now

I have to accept I cannot eat what I want,
I have to accept that if I do it makes me feel bad,
It’s not about what I look like,
It’s not about what I weigh,
It’s about feeling good and being healthy.

I have to accept that is just the way life is.


I have thought long and hard about doing a blog. When I was a teenager I use to want to publish my own book of poetry. I even wrote one.

Writers say write about what you know, but what I know leaves me open and vulnerable. As a budding writer I was told to find my voice. When I was young I felt so alone and isolated. On talking to people I discovered that lots of people feel that way too, maybe my words, my experiences can help someone else realise they are not alone.

It is time for me to let my voice speak.