Thursday, 15 October 2015

Got there in the end!

I'm pregnant at long last!

This time last year it felt like it would never happen and now I am here feeling nervous about coping with a baby of my own.

So how did I get here. We were trying for a baby I was hoping and hoping - nothing.

In May I became very ill and nearly died. It took me months to recover and then boom we found out I was pregnant at a time I thought no it'll take ages for my body to adjust back to normal. So what happened - did my illness do something to my body - did the medication I took... I think the answer lies in the fact I stopped trying. I was forced by my illness to go with flow of life. To relax and do things at an easy pace. Boom it happened.

I think this is true in many things in life. We become so focused on a goal on wanting something so much that we become blocked. We miss golden opportunities because it looks different than expected. We stop going with the flow and try marching against the tide. We become overwhelmed at how hard it is. We become exhausted and eventually we give up. We decide to play it safe and stick with what we know and stop moving forward.

I'm not saying you don't have to try or plan because of course you do. But you also have to take a deep breathe , relax and feel the opportunities that are flowing towards you. Even if they flow slowly. Some things take time to accomplish and we have to set up the right conditions we have to be ready when the opportunity comes our way rather than missing it because we gave up as it did not come instantly or in the way we expected.

We can accomplish everything we want to just not necessarily at the time or way we expect to.

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